welcome to my life(:
Kuni aka Kuni Suki ( $F ), 21, EA$tside Long Beach. buy me a cake and tell me happy birthday on April 30th. HAWAIIAN and Blakc living that ALOHA spirit everywhere i go. i blog what i please and everything that i feel i should share. this crazy thing called life that we're living you gotta live to the fullest, cause you'll never know what could happen to you tomorrow. i hope you like what you see. much aloha to you. <3 Instagram; alohakuni

S.T.C love ♥

Okaaay, really

why be scared to talk to me, or tell me whats going on? i mean, if you miss me so much and want to talk to me why not call me? why not text me? facebook chat? send me a letter? and if its that confidential send me a message on FB. just dont be scared to tell me, especially if you’re on anon saying it and not even telling me who you are. well, whoever you are, wherever you are, im right here. if we were that close you know where i live, take a visit, or just.. i dunno. do what you wanna do.

well till i know wassup,


Marcus Allan Kili’inui Kuni. <3 

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